Compressive imaging using sparsity constraints is a very promising field of microscopy that provides a dramatic enhancement of the spatial resolution beyond the Abbe diffraction limit. Moreover, it simultaneously overcomes the Nyquist limit by reconstructing an N-pixel image from less than N single-point measurements. Here we present fundamental resolution limits of noiseless compressive imaging via sparsity constraints, speckle illumination and single-pixel detection. We addressed the experimental setup that uses randomly generated speckle patterns (in a scattering media or a multimode fiber). The optimal number of measurements, the ultimate spatial resolution limit and the surprisingly important role of discretization are demonstrated by the theoretical analysis and numerical simulations. We show that, in contrast to conventional microscopy, oversampling may decrease the resolution and reconstruction quality of compressive imaging.

Opt. Express
Nanoscale Imaging and Metrology

Lochocki, B., Abrashitova, K., de Boer, J., & Amitonova, L. (2021). Ultimate resolution limits of speckle-based compressive imaging. Opt. Express, 29(3), 3943–3955. doi:10.1364/oe.413831