We demonstrate a novel imaging approach and associated reconstruction algorithm for far-field coherent diffractive imaging, based on the measurement of a pair of laterally sheared diffraction patterns. The differential phase profile retrieved from such a measurement leads to improved reconstruction accuracy, increased robustness against noise, and faster convergence compared to traditional coherent diffractive imaging methods. We measure laterally sheared diffraction patterns using Fourier-transform spectroscopy with two phase-locked pulse pairs from a high-harmonic source. Using this approach, we demonstrate spectrally resolved imaging at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths between 28 and 35 nm.

Opt. Express
EUV Generation & Imaging

Jansen, M., de Beurs, A., Liu, X., Eikema, K., & Witte, S. (2018). Diffractive shear interferometry for extreme ultraviolet high-resolution lensless imaging. Opt. Express, 26(10), 12479–12489. doi:10.1364/OE.26.012479