In this paper, we report on surface-plasmon-resonance enhancement of the time-dependent reflection changes caused by laser-induced acoustic waves. We measure an enhancement of the reflection changes induced by several acoustical modes, such as longitudinal, quasi-normal, and surface acoustic waves, by a factor of 10–20. We show that the reflection changes induced by the longitudinal and quasi-normal modes are enhanced in the wings of the surface plasmon polariton resonance. The surface acoustic wave-induced reflection changes are enhanced on the peak of this resonance. We attribute the enhanced reflection changes to the longitudinal wave and the quasi-normal mode to a shift in the surface plasmon polariton resonance via acoustically induced electron density changes and via grating geometry changes.

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Light-Matter Interaction

de Haan, G, Verrina, V, Adam, A.J.L, Zhang, H, & Planken, P.C.M. (2021). Plasmonic enhancement of photo-acoustic inducedreflection changes. Appl.Opt., 60(24), 7304–7313. doi:10.1364/ao.432659