With the implementation of quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) in atomic force microscopy (AFM) setups it became possible to study friction and wear on microscopic scales at high sliding speeds. Development of the technique revealed that the QCM also alters the observed friction, with the capability to achieve superlubricity. ‚ese QCM-induced friction reduction phenomena have been investigated extensively. However, these studies focus li‰le on the wear accompanying QCM sliding experiments. Hence, in this report we provide a preliminary study on the relation between wear and friction for QCM coupled sliding interfaces.

B. Weber (Bart) , F. Cassin (Felix)
Contact Dynamics

Benning, V. (2021, August 28). Substrate Wear Accompanying Vibration Induced Friction Reduction by ƒartz Crystal Microbalances:
Minimizing the friction between theory and experiment.