We describe a laser system capable of delivering ~450mJ pulses with arbitrarily tunable temporal shapes. We show how this shaping affects target deformation and EUV generation when these pulses illuminate liquid tin droplets

OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America)
EUV Generation & Imaging

Mazzotta, Z., Meijer, R., Kurilovich, D., Schupp, R., Versolato, O., Eikema, K., & Witte, S. (2020). Controlling the temporal shape of a high-power nanosecond 1064 nm laser pulse to explore EUV generation and different droplet deformation regimes. In OSA High-brightness Sources and Light-driven Interactions Congress 2020 (EUVXRAY, HILAS, MICS), paper EM1A.4. doi:10.1364/euvxray.2020.em1a.4