A laser system generating high-energy pulses at 2-µm wavelength with pulse widths tunable from 10–24 ns is described. It comprises an optical parametric oscillator that generates mJ-level signal seed radiation and an optical parametric amplifier that boosts the output to 800 mJ of combined signal and idler when pumped with 2 J pulses of 1064-nm laser light. The system operated with KTP crystals and running at 10 Hz repetition rate is characterized in the spatial, temporal, and spectral domains. The effect of saturation leads to an output pulse approaching flat-top spatial and box-shaped temporal profiles, as desired in various applications. The amplified pulses can be imaged down to sub-100 µm diameters, making this laser system a suitable driver for plasma sources of extreme ultraviolet light.

Opt. Express
EUV Plasma Processes

Behnke, L., Salumbides, E., Göritz, G., Mostafa, Y., Engels, D., Ubachs, W., & Versolato, O. (2023). High-energy parametric oscillator and amplifier pulsed light source at 2-μm. Opt. Express, 31(15), 24142–24156. doi:10.1364/OE.494082