The origin of the friction between sliding bodies establishes an outstanding scientific problem. In this article, we demonstrate that the energy loss in each microscopic slip event between the bodies readily follows from the dephasing of phonons that are generated in the slip process. The dephasing mechanism directly links the typical timescales of the lattice vibrations with those of the experienced energy ‘dissipation’ and manifests itself as if the slip-induced motion were close to critically damped.

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Springer Nature
ERC , FOM-program Fundamental Aspects of Friction
Tribol. Lett.
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Hu, R., Krylov, S., & Frenken, J. (2020). On the Origin of Frictional Energy Dissipation. Tribol. Lett., 68(1), 8: 1–13. doi:10.1007/s11249-019-1247-7