A dark-field Digital Holographic Microscope with a single lens for imaging is a potential candidate for future overlay metrology on semiconductor wafers. Aberrations caused by this single lens are computationally corrected allowing high-resolution imaging over a large wavelength range. However, the spatially-coherent imaging conditions in our microscope introduce coherent imaging artifacts that can limit the metrology performance. We present computational apodization of the optical field in the exit pupil of the lens as a potentially effective solution to mitigate these coherent imaging effects. A comparison of experimental data and simulations is presented that demonstrates the importance of this apodization in metrology applications. Moreover, our data also shows that exploiting the full potential of DHM requires an imaging lens with low optical scattering levels.

Opt. Continuum
Computational Imaging

Messinis, C., Adhikary, M., Cromwijk, T., van Schaijk, T., Witte, S., de Boer, J., & den Boef, A. (2022). Pupil apodization in digital holographic microscopy for reduction of coherent imaging effects. Opt. Continuum, 1(5), 1202–1217. doi:10.1364/optcon.460029