Conventional (CP) and Fourier (FP) ptychography have emerged as versatile quantitative phase imaging techniques. While the main application cases for each technique are different, namely lens-less short wavelength imaging for CP and lens-based visible light imaging for FP, both methods share a common algorithmic ground. CP and FP have in part independently evolved to include experimentally robust forward models and inversion techniques. This separation has resulted in a plethora of algorithmic extensions, some of which have not crossed the boundary from one modality to the other. Here, we present an open source, cross-platform software, called PtyLab, enabling both CP and FP data analysis in a unified framework. With this framework, we aim to facilitate and accelerate cross-pollination between the two techniques. Moreover, the availability in Matlab, Python, and Julia will set a low barrier to enter each field.

Opt. Express
EUV Generation & Imaging

Loetgering, L., Du, M., Boonzajer Flaes, D., Aidukas, T., Wechsler, F., Penagos Molina, D., … Witte, S. (2023). PtyLab.m/py/jl: a cross-platform, open-source inverse modeling toolbox for conventional and Fourier ptychography. Opt. Express, 31(9), 13763–13797. doi:10.1364/oe.485370