Ion energy distributions arising from laser-produced plasmas of Sn are measured over a wide laser parameter space. Planar-solid and liquid-droplet targets are exposed to infrared laser pulses with energy densities between 1 J cm-2 and 4 kJ cm-2 and durations spanning 0.5 ps to 6 ns. The measured ion energy distributions are compared to two self-similar solutions of a hydrodynamic approach assuming isothermal expansion of the plasma plume into vacuum. For planar and droplet targets exposed to ps-long pulses, we find good agreement between the experimental results and the self-similar solution of a semi-infinite simple planar plasma configuration with an exponential density profile. The ion energy distributions resulting from solid Sn exposed to ns-pulses agrees with solutions of a limited-mass model that assumes a Gaussian-shaped initial density profile.

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Plasma Sources Sci. Technol.
EUV Generation & Imaging

Bayerle, A., Deuzeman, M. J., van der Heijden, S., Kurilovich, D., de Faria Pinto, T., Stodolna, A., … Versolato, O. (2018). Sn ion energy distributions of ns- and ps-laser produced plasmas. Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., 27, 045001:1–8. doi:10.1088/1361-6595/aab533